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Energy (Japanese Massage)


Energy Massage is an old Japanese technique and an especial form of massage therapy concerned with the balance and movement of life energy. Unlike acupuncture, the thumbs are used instead of needles to work over the meridians and acupuncture points in order to balance the nervous and circulatory systems. This therapy helps the muscles and organs to achieve the best state of relaxation, and it is recommended for arm and neck problems and when there is poor circulation to the head. Sitting in a special and comfortable chair, the massage lasts 25 minutes and you don’t need to take the cloths off.



Integral Massage


The Especial Integral Massage is highly requested by our clients. It consists of a combination of classic-Swedish massage, energy massage, reflexology (zone therapy) and healing combined with Ayurvedic oils. This massage provides deep relaxation (classic massage) and energy balance (energy massage) throughout the body. In addition, the utilisation of Ayurvedic oils provides a deeper release of tension and stress accumulated inside the muscles. The massage finishes with a Sat-Nam Rasayan healing for harmonizing the whole therapy. The especial integral massage last 50 minutes and it can be done by one or two therapists (4 hands) in one person.


Electromagnetic Therapy


Bemer 3000: The Bio-Electro-Magnetic- Energy-Regulation device works by balancing bio-energetic deficits and strengthening the energy supply of the organism. The effects of the Bemer system target the physiological regulation of metabolic processes, mobilization of the body’s own self-healing mechanisms, as well as the activation of regenerative abilities. It helps for the improvement of health and vitality. The energy-regulating and health-giving effects are based on:


1.      Dilation of blood vessels.

2.      Improvement of circulation, particularly of micro-circulation.

3.      Increase of oxygen saturation and the oxygen partial pressure.

4.      Improvement of the blood's flow properties.


The duration of the therapy is of 20 minutes. You can relax or sleep while you lay over the electro-magnetic mat and the Bemer creates an electro-magnetic field to work all throughout your body.


For more information about the Bemer you can look at the AFB (Academy for Bioenergetics) website. They are the creators of the Bemer 3000.