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Walter Hans Meneses Tamez


Walter is a Mexican-born therapist and healer currently living in Stockholm and married with his Swedish wife Linda Friberg, also a massage therapist. Walter is a certified therapist who has studied massage therapy and Reiki in Cancun Mexico, sitting energy massage (sittande energimassage) in Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut in Stockholm Sweden, Ayurveda Jyoti (nutrition advisor) at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Austria, and Kundalini Yoga instructor (KRI - International certified) in Stockholm, Sweden. Walter and Linda have also been certified in Kerala Ayurvedic Healt Care (ayurvedic therapies) in India in 2008.

Linda & Walter

"During my childhood in Mexico I was fascinated by the traditional medicine and culture used by the Maya-Aztec Indigenous people. This strived me to study the Mayan culture, which gave me the opportunity to learn from the Mayan people their medicinal plants, used very much like in Ayurveda.

In 1993 I started to practice Kundalini Yoga in the city of Cancun, Mexico. Immediately after my first Kundalini Yoga session I felt so great, relax and energetic that I totally wanted this as my way of life. I was around 1996-97 when I first met Yogi Bhajan in Cancun. He came with his students and stayed at the hotel where I was working during that time. I had a position as doorman, in room service and also in special events, and after their first visit the hotel’s general manager asked me if I was interested in preparing a special vegetarian menu for Yogi Bhajan and his students for their next visit, because the manager knew I was also a Yogi Bhajan student and I was vegetarian. I happily agreed and every time they went back to the hotel we prepared a delicious vegetarian menu waiting yogiji and his students.

During 4 years I had the opportunity to take care of Yoghi Bhajan and his students. It was such a bless to serve my master and to stay in his radiant presence. Experiences I keep in my heart and that changed my life. I keep these memories and
traditions alive. I was blessed by Yogi Bhajan, and now living in Sweden I have the opportunity to cook vegetarian food for Guru dev Singh (Master of Satnam Rasayan) when he visits Stockholm using the Ayurvedic principles and Mexican cusine. ."

Guru Meher Shingh - Walter Meneses


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Walter Meneses

Email: walter@saasil-nah.se

GSM: +46768580594

Address: Barnhemsvägen 11, 2tr,
                13146 Skuru Nacka